Friday, November 2, 2018

My new friend at  Blatantly Bearded gives us a Fair review and break down of a few of our products. 

Monday, April 2, 2018

HUBfest! April 7th 2018

        We are packing gearing up for our first trip to Hubfest in Hattiesburg  If you find yourself in our area please come and check us out, Booth 16 East Pines St. April 7th.

 This will also be the first time we will have photo booth set up. There will be a contest involved, so I hope you will participate.Look for hashtag #munsonandbrothers on Instagram and follow along

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

       As I write this, our small company is just over a year old. I count January 3rd 2017 as our day one. That's the day that we went to our first wholesale show in Tupelo, and began to take our craft to a much more serious level. Since then we have grown, been challenged and celebrated many wins, like this one.

      Adam Mitchell at DeSoto Magazine met us at the Mississippi Wholesale Market in Jackson. He was really enthusiastic about our product and our brand. He said that their magazines are themed each month, one month is weddings, baking, ect.. November was their "Men's issue and he'd like to do a feature on us. A few months later I was called by a Mr Jason Frye, who to my relief didn't want to write a review until he got a chance to try the product. He also said that he'd been a beard wearer for over 15 years so the pressure was on right? The pictures below are the result of him trying the product and a short phone interview after. 
Photos In the magazine were taken by


View the article in their magazine archive here


Wednesday, February 7, 2018

   Every once in a while we are greatly humbled by others willingness to tell our story. Mud & Magnolia Magazine contacted us back in September and did a piece on us for their October Men's issue. I was a bit nervous, it was the first time that I had had the press at our manufacturing location or as we refer to it "the lab". To my relief everything went smoothly. The Women showed up very professional and made us feel at ease by indulging in our silly jokes. Mrs. Cristo was very patient in making sense of my babble, as I struggled to express what this company and my story was into words. Feel free to read the full article here Mud and Magnolia Article .

Lauren Wood- was the photographer, she took the brilliant photo of us in the van that we use on our Facebook page today.

Carmen Cristo reported and wrote the article and ask the bulk of the questions. 

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Proud to announce we'll be headed to the Double Decker Festival in Oxford this year! April 27-28th We will not have the van this time round but look forward to a good show.

                                    Here is a video of the Avett Brothers cleaning house there.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Cotton District Festival

Hello all!  Look for us April 21st at the Cotton District Festival . This will be are 2nd year to go and if all goes well at the shop, I'll get to bring the van! Hope to see you there.